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You haven’t experienced the power and pleasure of our Ebikes until you ride it off-road on one our amazing Aruba trails! Touring Aruba by electric bike also means you can stop and take in the breathtaking scenery more often. There is so much to see on this beautiful coast, and on your Ebike you won’t miss any of it.

Ebikes are an eco-friendly mode of transportation. They take pennies of electricity to charge and can transport you all over the Island without emitting a single molecule of carbon monoxide. 

Leave the car in the parking garage and go explore! 

Fat-Tire Ebike Rentals

Rent one of our amazing fat-tire electric bikes for a unique way to see the beautiful Aruba. Hills and wind are no longer a challenge for visitors – and riders of all abilities will find them easy and exciting to ride! When Experiencing our Ebikes in Aruba, have no fear of the traffic! Our island has paths and trails all over the island for you to feel safe while enjoying your Ebike. What are you waiting for – grab some fun!

Bike Rentals Include:

  • Premium Ebike
  • Usage of Bike Helmet and bike lock
  • Quick Training on How to Operate the Ebike
  • Travel Tips and Adventure Suggestions

Take a leisurely Ebike ride around our beautiful coast or be a bit more adventurous. That is entirely up to you!

Ebike Tours

One of our most popular tours is the Coastal Tour to the Lighthouse, which takes riders on a scenic journey along the island’s picturesque coastline.

We Use Electric Bikes

Severe global warming is affecting our environments worldwide, primarily due to the excessive use of fossil fuels emitted by conventional transportation. Electric bikes are a fun, effective and eco-friendly way to tour our beautiful shore without leaving behind carbon emissions. While bikes are currently our focus, we strive to add a wider variety of electric vehicles (EV) to our inventory as we grow.

We Recharge Them With Solar & Battery Power

Almost all forms of electricity generate waste. Naturally, our electric bikes need to be charged regularly. That’s why we take control of our energy consumption by recharging them with a sustainable solar & battery recharging power box. Solar panels don’t consume fuel or give off waste – and with our solar chargers, one full charge will give you hours of tour time and backroad adventures.

We Clean Them with Botanical Antimicrobial Cleaner (BAC)

We want our bikes to look shiny and new for every customer and we value your health and safety at all times. After every rental, each bike and helmet is cleaned meticulously with an FDA approved, all-natural anti-microbial cleaner called BAC – a highly renewable and biodegradable antimicrobial cleaner made from plant and mineral-based ingredients.

Click the star to learn more about BAC!

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